How Rite Aid Plenti Rewards Work

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plenti card

This year Rite Aid got rid of +Up Rewards and introduced their new program called wellness+ and Plenti. In order to get the sales offered each week at Rite Aid, you need to have one of these cards. If you already had a wellness card you will need to get this new plenti card. You can transfer your wellness points over to this new card (like I did since I have gold status).

Wellness+ with Plenti offers two different ways to save:

  1. Continue earning wellness+ points at Rite Aid (point per every dollar spent)
  2. Earn Plenti points on things you buy every day at Plenti partners, including Rite Aid (you can use your rewards at other participating retailers)

Important Notes:

  • You can continue earning wellness+ points for up to 20% off almost the whole Rite Aid store for a year with GOLD status.
  • All current wellness+ members will keep their wellness+ status and wellness+ points
  • You can use Plenti points for savings at Rite Aid and certain Plenti partners**
  • All +UP Rewards will transition to Plenti points


How Plenti Works:

You can earn Plenti points whenever they make qualifying purchases at Rite Aid and other Plenti partners. Plenti points can be used for up to two years at Rite Aid and at certain other Plenti partners.

Plenti points are rewards earned and used with Plenti partners. Members of wellness+ with Plenti can earn Plenti points when they make eligible purchases at Rite Aid and other Plenti partners.

Plenti points are similar to how +ups worked. If you have 200 Plenti points gets you at least $2 in savings at checkout at Rite Aid and certain Plenti partners. You cannot redeem points until you read 200 points. You earn one (1) point for every dollar spent on eligible purchases they make when you scan your plenti card at the register. Wellness+ points cannot be earned with purchases of tobacco products, alcohol, gift cards, lottery, licenses, money services, newspapers, prepaid cards, stamps, mailing services, dairy, prescriptions and copays (members may earn wellness+ points for certain pharmacy promotions, however, members insured by any state or federal healthcare program, and prescriptions filled in AL, NJ, NY or OR are ineligible).

Participating Retailers to use Plenti points at can be found here.

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