How To And Free Printable Easter Peeps Tags

How to Create Peep Pops with Free Printable Easter Tags

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How To And Free Printable Easter Peeps Tags

I love finding new creative ways to have fun during the holidays with my children. I have two daughters so basically anything remotely crafty and we are there. Simple things like holiday printables to go with the occasion and some ribbon will work for us.

 Printable Easter Tags

This year we decided to try something new. We wanted to create some sort of Easter Peep Pops using the classic peeps and straws. I found some curly straws at our local dollar tree to use. Any straws would work as long as they were not the flimsy kind. You can print out our free printable Easter Peep Tags here. Once you have them printed you can cut them out. Be sure to leave some space at the top so you can use a hole punch to be able to hang them.

How To Make Easter Peep Pops

Pretty simple – we shoved the straws up through the peeps. 😀 hahaa

How To Make Easter Peeps Pops

I racked my mind for awhile to think whether I wanted to use cling wrap or a ziploc bag to cover the peeps. If you need them to be stored for longer than a few hours I would make sure you use something that will keep them sealed as to not dry out and get hard. For us we just cup open a small snack ziploc bag to cover over the peeps. Pretty easy and it got the job done. If it’s one thing I don’t like doing it’s going out and buying unnecessary items.

Easter Peeps On A Straw

I always have some ribbons laying around. You could use thin or think. We decided to have some thick ribbon since I let the girls choose what they wanted. I think some thin twine or ribbon would look cute. Then you could have the free printable Easter Peep tags easier for sure.

Easter Peeps On Straws

Peeps Easter Tags Free Printable

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