How To Get Completely Legit Free Samples

How to Get FREE Samples

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How To Get Completely Legit Free Samples

Here are my tips on How to Get Free Samples. Often when I share my freebies I get in the mail on the Facebook page wall people ask me how I get them.

1. Where to Find Samples

Sometimes companies give out free offers or samples for you to try in hopes you like their products and purchase them in stores. They also can give out free samples when they have a new product they want publicized and tried. You can find free samples shared on manufacturers websites, Facebook pages, Twitter pages, and more! Sometimes they even give out free product coupons as well as the actual products. Those free product coupons would be used at your local retailer.


Free Product Coupons By Mail

2. Knowing What Samples are Legit

It’s important to know the difference between true free samples and fake ones. Most free samples come from well established companies (not to say a new company may not want to try this method of advertising). You want to make sure the link you are brought to is legit. If it’s a Facebook fan page, when was it established?

  • Never Give out too much personal information: You should only have to give out name, address, email, and possibly phone number (I give same fake one). Never give out Credit Card or Social Security numbers.
  • Look for asterisks: Sometimes you will find some Free Samples are not truly free. They will say when you x and y before you get the sample. You don’t need to bother with those.
  • Create a Separate Email: Set up an email account just for these samples. You may get a lot of junk emails after signing up (some want you to become loyal customers). You can always unsubscribe….or forget to even check that email….16,000 emails later….LOL.
  • Waiting for them to Arrive: If it’s been a little while and you have yet to see your freebie, don’t worry! Most free samples can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 8 weeks or more to get to you. That may seem like a long time, but hey – it’s FREE! 🙂
  • Why Did I not Receive my Freebie? Sometimes companies run out of free samples. Typically they only have x amount to give out. Some may email you and tell you so, while others won’t. Many will tell you when the samples have been claimed.

 Samples Arrived

My Favorite places to find offers


Check out all the latest Freebies I’ve posted (free samples, free shipping, free after coupon, and more). We also share direct links to offers when they will be going fast in our coupon group.

How To Get Free Samples


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