How to Make a Shopping List

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How Do You Shop?

Do you bring a list with you, or do you just wing it once you are in there?

For me, shopping trips always have to be perfectly planned. I need to know what I am buying, how many, and for how much. I also like to have all my coupons pulled and ready to use.

coupon for list

When I print my Coupons out and there is only one that was printed, I like to flip the paper and send it back through for another. That saves paper! Then when I have my coupons printed and cut, I use the middle pieces. The middle pieces are used to make my shopping lists!

my shopping listsHere is what my shopping lists look like.

I take that recycled piece of paper from printing coupons and use it to write my shopping lists. I write the name of the store at top and write my list.

Being PREPARED before you head out to the store with your coupons is so important!

Make sure you have:
1. A list made
2. Sale prices written
3. Your coupon values you are using
4. The coupons pulled and ready that you plan on using
5. The total amount you expect to pay around

This ensures your time in the store does not take forever!!
Of course sometimes, you may have to adjust to there being no stock and other factors too. But being as prepared as possible helps soooo much! I rarely ever get my coupon binder out and look through it while in the store. There is no need to if I have my list and coupons ready! Also, this helps you stay on task and not deviate from the items you have on your list!

I also pull all my coupons out that I will be using and add them into my folded piece of paper. I find this to be easy and organized. Works for me! I picked this up from my Momma, of course 😉

How do you make your shopping lists??

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How to Make a Shopping List — 11 Comments

  1. I started making my own spreadsheets for tops so that I know how many coupons I have in a transaction, as well as total after coupons etc.
    Then I print them out and put them in an accordian type filing thingamabob. It has 5 compartments so I can organize 5 transactions. I cut out the list and put it in, then throw the according coupons in as well.

  2. I use a notebook for my lists ans keep them in there (so i can track my savings later) but I arrange it by store with sales price, qty I am going to buy and cost oop, than I add them up so I know how much I am going to spend at each store. I also always take my binder with me and a smaller Dollar Store coupon holder that I have labeled with store names, the coupons that I need for each store go into each slot… I hope that makes sense?!

    • I started recently trying the envelope method to put my lists in with coupons to help better organize (rather than tossing into my big ol purse, lol).

  3. I do the same as you, printing two coupons on one piece of paper when possible. I use the leftover middle for scrap paper, as I use a small notebook for my shopping lists. Thanks for sharing and helping to save a tree 🙂

  4. You’re so organized. I usually just pull the coupons I plan on using and arrange them in the order that I walk through the store. I usually take my binder in case I see any good specials, discounted, or discontinued items.

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