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How to Pre Order Items for Large Coupon Hauls

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How to Pre Order Items for Large Coupon Hauls

When it comes to couponing there are many ways you can stock up and create a stockpile. Stockpiling essentially saves you money in the long run by grabbing a lot of one or more items at a low rock bottom “stock up” price using coupons. If you are a big couponer and are planning on getting more then 20 of one item I would suggest pre ordering from that store you wish to purchase from.

No one likes a Shelf Clearer

Let’s face it…when you are shopping and find out someone wiped your store clean it gets you upset. It doesn’t seem fair that all you wanted was two of said item yet the person before you grabbed every item on the shelf. We all love to get good deals but let’s be sure to be courteous of other shoppers!

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How to Pre Order Items

If you have more then 20 of one item you wish to purchase from a store I would suggest pre ordering. This process may vary from store to store or may not even be allowed at some. You will have to find this one out for yourself.

  1. Talk to Your Store’s Manager
  2. Ask if they allow pre ordering for large numbers
  3. Inform them of the coupons you plan on using
  4. Place your orders in timely fashion
  5. Figure out best day to come in to pick up your order

Pronto Stock Up

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