hot to score a free thanksgiving turkey

How You Can Score a Free Thanksgiving Turkey 2019

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hot to score a free thanksgiving turkey

Who doesn’t love saving money or getting something for free? Even with Thanksgiving you can score turkeys for free if you are lucky. It’s not impossible to save big on your Thanksgiving dinners. It may take a little work hunting for the best deals, but I have faith you can do it! We have some tips below on How You Can Score a Free Thanksgiving Turkey 2019.

Grocery Stores

Check your local stores ad fliers for special promotions and coupon offers. Many stores offer free turkeys when you spend so much money in their store. Each promotion will vary depending on the store.


Many churches may be giving away free turkeys or even more items for a thanksgiving dinner for those in need. Check your local newspapers, news media outlets and town builtin boards for possible information on any local churches in your area doing this.


Don’t be Brand Loyal

I always say this when couponing too… sometimes if you want to save you can’t be brand loyal. Many stores offer their store brand turkeys at much lower price or even free like mentioned above over the more popular brand named turkeys like Butterball.

Butterball Turkey Thanksgiving

Food Banks and Pantries

Check your local food banks or pantries for turkeys and other Thanksgiving foods. Some may require an application process and will vary based on locations. You can search for some here. All of us need help sometimes. If you or someone you know needs access to food or other assistance, the Feeding America network is here to help. You can find many programs available to help assist you this Holiday season.

Meals on Wheels

Some may not be able to go out and take advantage of these offers for Thanksgiving. Meals on Wheels programs will provide hot, fresh, and nourishing meals to homebound elderly, the sick and disabled persons who can’t prepare a meal for themselves and who have no one to do so for them. They may provide a free turkey, sides, pies, and other items. You can search for a location near you here.  Each program’s services and operations may vary based on the needs and resources of their communities.

Salvation Army

Check your local Salvation Army. They may be offering a free turkey program. Those who are in need of assistance for a Thanksgiving meal, may be able to pre-register at a participating local Salvation Army site. Families who qualify will pre-register to receive possibly a turkey along with all the fixings to enjoy the traditions of Thanksgiving. Each basket may include a turkey, fresh vegetables, stuffing, cranberry sauce, a pie, coffee and a roasting pan.

Social Media

If you search on social media you may be able to find places or companies that are giving away free turkeys and other Thanksgiving items. You can even try searching certain hashtags on instagram or twitter. Check local events as well so you can see if any place local to you is hosting any free turkey events in your towns or near by. You would be amazed by the amount of stuff that is out there on social media!  I like to search right on Facebook for things, and found it to be helpful!

How You Can Score a Free Thanksgiving Turkey 2019

How You Can Score a Free Thanksgiving Turkey 2019


So many companies and small businesses may be hosting some wonderful giveaways or sweepstakes for Thanksgiving. Make sure you sign up for them! You never know if you may win and it’s definitely worth the try! Every year I host a FREE THANKSGIVING TURKEY GIVEAWAY. This year I am giving away a $50 Gift Card towards a free Thanksgiving dinner, and two $15 gift cards towards a free turkey…winner gets to choose the gift cards so they can shop for their Thanksgiving needs. You can enter my Turkey Giveaway here. Check your favorite establishments and social media outlets for giveaways and sweepstakes.


Doesn’t hurt to google! If you google such keywords like “free thanksgiving dinner” or “free turkeys” you may be able to come up with some other ways to get a free turkey. Just be sure you look at the dates and make sure they are current.

How You Can Score A Free Thanksgiving Turkey This Year We Have Tons Of Tips For You!


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