How to do Rebates

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Always Save your Receipts!

There are tons of rebates put out all the time! Be on the look out for rebates on products, on beer items (most say no beer purchase necessary in NY) or at their websites as well. Be sure to read all the details, and follow all the instructions to be sure you get your rebate.

How to Do the Rebates:
Read the form and all the details on the what, whens and how of what you are submitting must be followed to get paid.
Some offers want the UPC, some want the cash register receipts (usually most), some want both. Some want you to print, some want a valid birth date (liquor), some are only valid in certain states. You are never required to give an email address for a rebate. Write “none” in that spot or use a spam email. I do the same for phone number, writing “none” when asked, or leave blank.
Be sure to Purchase the correct products. You must purchase the qualifying items between dates listed. Also be sure to Mail on time, they usually give you a week or two to get them postmarked after the qualifying date. I always cross out my card ids and my credit card information. Read the details, but most rebates allow you to purchase said amount needed Before Coupons. Also be sure to check, but some allow you to do multiple receipts when buying items needed for the rebate.


Examples of Rebates


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