My Tops Markets Grocery Shopping Trip: It’s okay not to be “extreme”

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I wanted to share with you my Tops Markets Grocery Shopping Trip this week.

 I purchased 38 items and Paid $67.60 and saved $60.37.
I only had SIX coupons!! Can you believe that?!
I didn’t even earn any gas points this time around. And you know what??


I want you to know that you do not have to be “extreme” in your shopping trips. It is very unlikely to get all your items you need for 90% off or more. It is okay if you do not always achieve a huge savings. I personally think any savings is a good savings, and you should be proud of your savings! Don’t get discouraged or down if you are not savings 75% or more on your grocery trips. Don’t feel pressured to make your family go with out because you don’t have a coupon for everything. Don’t get mad at yourself for not achieving an extreme savings!For us here in NY (unsure of other states) you can expect to save 50% on average on your grocery shopping trips. That’s good savings!

Be Proud of Your Savings!


LINK to Tops Markets Coupon Matchups this week



  1. sharry

    🙂 You’re awesome.


    1. Kristy

      Why Thank You 🙂


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