Non-Candy Trick-or-Treat Halloween Items

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Non - Candy Trick or Treat Items

I’m not big on candy. I never have been. Mu kids don’t really eat a lot of candy and junk either. It is fun to get the items on the Holidays, but we always end up with so much that we never eat. My favorite treats in goody bags are the non-candy items. Here is a list of non-candy trick-or-treat Halloween items you could put in your kiddos goody bags.


You can find boxes of stickers for about a buck for quite a few. I have found them at my local Dollar Store or even Target and Walmart. These are great to add to Halloween bags instead of candy and they are so much fun! Always a hit with my kids. Check out the various ones on rolls or sheets here.


Another fun non candy item is pencils! Who doesn’t find it fun to have Holiday themed items to use in school?! Check out these pencils you can find here. I’m sure you can find them for a great low price in stores as well.


If you grab the pencils, why not pick up some cute Halloween themed erasers too? Check out the various bulk packs you can find here. I always see these at Dollar Stores as well as many other stores too.


Temporary tattoos make for some nice fun! My kiddos loved any temporary tattoos they got. Grab a pack of these and toss a few in with some stickers and stamps and they are sure to be happy to get them!


These stamps are perfect for young kids to have fun with on Halloween. Check out these nice sets they have here. Loads of fun to be had with craft time with these! Maybe grab some paint and paper and you are all set!

halloween goody bag items

Glow Sticks

I like the idea of having glow sticks on when going around trick-or-treating. You can find glow sticks at almost any store now it seems. They even have Halloween themed ones you can find here. 

Mini Note Pads

Add these little note pads with the pencils and erasers! What a cute non candy item to give out. I love them!

Spider Rings

Talk about a classic, am I right? I remember getting these spider rings when I was little. They still seem like fun to me! You can definitely find these at the Dollar Stores too!

Vampire Teeth

I’ll admit, these are not my favorite thing. But I bet the kids enjoy them. You can find various sets here. 


So simple and easy you guys. They sell the small packs of crayons still, but they are harder to find. You could always just grab a box and wrap a few up with some yarn to make for a nice little treat.

List of Non Candy Trick-Or-Treat Halloween Items. This list is great and has Allergy Friendly items as well!

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There is also all of the Halloween Trick-or-Treat Variety bags you can get as well. Head on over here to check some of them out. I like the set of mini lego guys and bugs. What ones would you get?

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