Aparagus Recipe Round Up

Over 15 Asparagus Recipes

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 Aparagus Recipe Round Up

Only last year did I try my first ever asparagus. I don’t know why I had never tried it before. I am a fan of most vegetables and would rather take a helping of that over any fruit. I have been roasting them in the over with just some salt and pepper or used the stove top to cook them up in a similar way.

I am in desperate need of new ideas to cook my foods. I can’t wait to give some of these  asparagus recipes a try. I love trying new things as long as I can come up with the way to do them. That’s the hardest part! I’m gonna try the Roasted Lemon Asparagus first and work my way up from there. Sounds yummy! What recipe are you wanting to try first?

  1. Asparagus Snap Peas
  2. Asparagus Salad
  3. Cream of Asparagus Soup
  4. Steak and Asparagus
  5. Roasted Lemon Asparagus
  6. Garlic Pasta with Asparagus
  7. Italian Asparagus Sticks
  8. Pickled Asparagus
  9. Roasted Asparagus
  10. Asparagus Rice
  11. Sauteed Asparagus
  12. Asparagus Quiche
  13. Scrambled Eggs with Asparagus
  14. Roasted Asparagus Crostini
  15. Proscuitto Asparagus
  16. Grilled Asparagus with Parmesan Ranch
  17. Creamy Pasta with Asparagus

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