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printable shopping list

So I have mentioned in my Facebook Group that there are some slight changes happening at My Momma Taught Me.  A couple years ago I joined up with a bunch of other bloggers working for a company that shares coupon matchups. I would work on one store and in return get a bunch back to share. The only down fall is that I am not responsible for those matchups. I have learned over the years that the most helpful stores for you all is Tops and Wegmans. Not to mention those are my favorite to cover as well. So I decided to quit working with the company I was and go back to the old way I did matchups. I will no longer have store matchups besides Tops Markets and Wegmans. This way we will have more prices on bogo deals for Tops, more accurate coupons matched, more images, and just over all more attention to these two stores.

We have added the print friendly option back to our site so you can still choose your lists when shopping and print them out or send them to your email!

Here is how: 


So when you are viewing our coupon matchups, unadvertised deals, or any deal for that matter…. you can find this green icon at the top (or there is a gray button at very end of posts) of the page. You will want to click on the green “Print Friendly” icon like shown in the image above. 


You have three options. You can print the page out, save it as a pdf file, or send the list to your email for later use.


You have the option to remove any deals or content that you do not want on your list. All you have to hover over the items and you can see the “click to delete” pop up like in the image above. All you do is click to remove the deals you do not want. It’s pretty simple and fast.

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