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Save on Beer at Tops with Digital Rebates!

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Well this is new! Check out these digital rebates on Beer you can get Tops Markets Shoppers!

In order to get your rebates you must choose which beer and it takes you to that site to fill out the information needed to submit.

To complete your online submission, you’ll need digital versions (scans or photos) of your UPC(s) and product receipt(s) to attach to steps 3 and 4 as well.

I’m assuming you will get the rebate via mail when available. Others it appears tell you to text to get the rebate information. Let me know if you fill these out and it tells you how. Thanks!


  1. Kyle Mellenthine

    Where is both Sam Adams and Labatts electric rebates…


  2. maggie wilson

    Where is the bud light 30 pk rebate?


  3. maggie wilson

    Never been able to use the digital rebate. Is that against the truth in lending law. It draws you in then doesn’t deliver.


  4. Kevin

    I too am having problems with these digital rebates. I texted the number on the sign which gave me a site to go to. I go to that which refers me to another where I get an error message. Contacted the beer company over 2 weeks ago….no response. What a crock!!!


    1. Kristy

      Oh so sorry to hear! I hope you can find some resolution. Maybe try the site again?


  5. June Panello

    I am trying to get a rebate from the beer I bought from top’s & have had lots of problems, it is not at all easy to use, I wish you would go back to the paper rebates!!!!
    I bought Blue Light Labate’s beer 12 pack to try, never had before, the beer is very good, but with all these problems will never buy again.
    The beer was $9.99 with a $5.00 rebate. How do I get the rebate on line to work????
    I have no cell, so can’t scan or photos. What now?? HELP


    1. Kristy

      Was there information on where to text to get the digital rebate perhaps? I’m seeing now they have that option on the ones shown available. I’m guessing if you cannot send in the way they request, you may not be able to get the rebate. If they allow paper submissions there should be some sort of information somewhere as to how to go about doing so.


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