5 Tips on How to Save on Produce

Tips to Save Money on Produce

Finding coupons for produce is rare. So when it comes to saving money on fresh produce you have to look for other ways to save. Saving on fresh produce is not impossible. Here are my 5 Tips on How you can Save on Produce.

1. Know your Prices.

If you go into a store and look around for produce you will find prices vary from store to store. Knowing your prices on each item will help you save. If you don’t know the best prices (lowest price that item goes) then you will very well end up spending more money not knowing if the price you paid was a good low price. For example, If you know that one store sells apples for $1.99 a pound that will help you determine whether the next store’s price on apples is a good deal or not. Continue reading “5 Tips on How to Save on Produce”