My Favorite Pair Of Comfy Stylish Jeans To Wear

My Favorite Pair of Comfy and Stylish Women’s Jeans

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Favorite Pair Of Comfy Stylish Jeans To Wear

I wanted to share with you my most favorite pair of jeans I have. I love them so much I just bought a second pair in another color and I plan on buying some more. I’m telling you guys these jeans are super comfy and they are so stylish.

My Favorite Pair Of Comfy Stylish Jeans

You can find them on Amazon here for around $19 – $23 depending on which color you select. There are three to choose from. These are called Women’s Distressed Slim Fit Stretchy Skinny Jeans. They had good reviews to that’s why I wanted to give them a try. I personally hate shopping in stores for clothes and have a hard time not only finding items I like but with in a price range that I feel is reasonable. Well I found just that with these jeans and I’m so happy I have! 

Close Up Of My Favorite Pair Of Comfy Stylish Jeans To Wear

I took a close up so you could see how great the rips are. I have other jeans that these parts stretch and get so huge and fray. I’ve had my first pair since August 2018. They have help up nicely and look the same as the day I got them in the mail. To me that is just a huge plus. Not to mention they are stretchy so I don’t feel all stuffy wearing them. They are snug enough to hold up but comfy enough to not feel still and constricting. I find that they are pretty true to their sizing to. I definitely recommend these jeans!! I think I could wear a pair every day.


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