The Extreme Fear and Worry Anxiety can cause

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Many people experience anxiety through out their life. Some may have trouble with anxiety more then others. If you have serious anxiety issues or ever have then you get it, you really do. But if you have never had these serious anxiety issues then you may not get it at all, or even be cable of understanding those who have trouble.

You may know someone who may be struggling and not even know it. Some can be very good at making excuses or hiding how they feel. It can be hard and scary to explain how you feel when some days you can’t even get the words out to describe it yourself…

The Worry What if…

  • Are you sure…
  • I’m sorry…
  • Something bad will happen
  • What people think of me
  • My kids getting hurt or sick
  • And ten billion more things…

You can’t sleep at night because when you go to lay down you cannot shut your mind off. Often times it’s easier to get up and do something, watch tv or be on your phone until you are so tired you just pass out. Worrying about every little thing can get so exhausting…well at least mentally. Nine times outta ten you have no control and cannot stop it even when you try. What’s really bad and when that worry manifests into fear.

The Fear

  • Will I get sick and not be there for my children?
  • Will my kids get sick?
  • Will I get cancer and die?
  • Will something happens to my parents before their time?
  • Will my husband get tired of my anxiety issues and leave me?
  • And ten billion more fears…

So often many may think and worry or even be afraid of many and more of these things. But once that worry and fear starts consuming you it starts to take over your life. It starts making your day to day tasks harder when all you can focus on is the fear. You don’t want to get sick and die before your old. No one does. You don’t want to leave your children. They need you. Some days you can manage and pat yourself on the back for doing so well. Then there can be days where you can barely function and it gets so bad that you can’t breathe, you sweat, your heart races and your chest feels so tight. Once that happens it can be hard to recover from that feeling.

It’s a viscous cycle anxiety plays. The worry starts causing the fear which can manifest into physical symptoms which then can cause more panic and anxiety furthering the physical symptoms reassuring your mind that’s something will happen.

The Rationality

  • You know what the truth is
  • You can’t help but think of that crazy rare chance of what if
  • You’re mind can make no since when you are scared and anxious
  • You can’t think straight

So many times you know the answer. You know what your chest is aching yet you can’t help but worry yourself. That feeling of fluttering in your chest or the gasps of breathe you feel you can’t take even though you are breathing fine. All tends to make sense and you need that reassurance that everything is okay and what you’re feeling is just from your anxiety. Calming down and getting past those anxious feelings and the physical symptoms they cause can be the hardest, but you do it because you have to.

Then at the end you feel completely guilty and embarrassed for saying the things you did and feeling the way you did over something that feels like you should have complete control over. You’re ashamed of the way your mind works and wish you didn’t have to be so different. You wish you were stronger.

Sometimes all someone who’s going through the struggles that anxiety can cause needs is just someone to talk to and be there for them with out being judge mental. They don’t need you to tell them how they should feel or what they should be doing. They don’t need you to play doctor and tell them they should be medicated, as they are ultimately the ones who should be deciding if and when that’s what they think they should be doing. They just need you to be caring and show you support them and are there for them.

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The Extreme Fear & Worry Anxiety Causes

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  1. Holly Mead

    I totally get it. I am bi-polar and also have angxity. Take your time your family always come’s first. You do such a great job but in order to do that you must take care of yourself first and formost.


    1. Kristy

      Thanks Holly <3


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