Stop Being So Hard on Yourself

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Stop being so hard on yourself. 

That very sentence sends my mind into an abyss of endless chores and items on my to do list that scream, “are you kidding me?!”


Truth is that we are under so much pressure every day. Each and every one of us. I think it’s especially so for mothers. As a mother and wife I alone set up a huge bar for myself and expect myself to achieve all these goals with in a day. 

School – let’s add in the extra pressure of homeschooling a child which I now have been doing. That’s a lot of pressure in its own! 
Kids – sports and extra curricular activity
Cleaning your house 
Paying bills 
Phone calls

Should I go on?? There’s only so much time in a day and I’ll tell you half my days may consist of me freaking out. How can I get all this stuff done in one day and still find time for myself with out feeling guilty about it? Should I take time out of my day to exercise? Is it really important of should I be spending  that 30 minute picking up or playing with my kids? What about nights out with out the kids or dinner with friends? I can tell you I often put these things at the bottom of my list. Maybe you do too.

“Don’t get caught up in the daily grind that you never find time to enjoy  yourself”

We live in a world now where social media is so popular. We have Facebook, Twitter, blogs, Pinterest. All great, but at the Sam time can make you feel less of a person. Less of a mom. Less of a wife. Let’s be honest. What we read or see on social media is only a glimpse of reality. We cannot expect all of our crafts with our kids or home made treats to come out looking exactly like those on Pinterest. Don’t let it get you down!


Let’s stop being so hard on ourselves and just live in the moment. Stop worrying about all those dirty dishes and take the time out to read a book or read one to your kids! So many times I make myself feel so guilty for going out and doing things when I have not finished all my household chores. You know what? That’s okay!! I may fight with myself daily but in the end I  have to keep telling myself to go easy on me. I’m just one person. I cannot do a million things with in 24 hours and no one can! No one is judging you but yourself.

I used to compare my home to others and think why can’t I keep my house clean? Why are there so many dirty dishes her? Why can I not keep up? And you know what I realized? Besides for the fact that no two people are the same so why should your households be – I realized I’m a stay at home mom. (wait, wait, wait – I forget I run this blog and that’s a JOB!). We are here 24/7 just about. Eating meals 3 times a day with snacks in between. Of course my house is going to have a lot more to manage than those whom may eat out a lot or work most the day. They don’t have little kids running around it like a mini tornado!

Either way we should stop being so hard on are selves no matter what the circumstances are. Shoot, live your life messy! What’s it gonna hurt?! The dishes and laundry will be there tomorrow for you to do as well. So stop being so hard on yourself! You deserve more!

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