The Money Challenge

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The Penny Challenge

It’s a New Year! Many people look now for a way to start saving money for the year. How about besides for using coupons and snagging some awesome deals, that you stash some cash away every day of the year? Sounds like a great idea to me! Let’s start off with some simple, but effective ways to save money for the whole year!

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The Penny Challenge

Okay, it’s really simple. Every day you will be adding a penny into your jar increasing by one penny a day. So Day 1 you will add $0.01, Day 30 you will add $0.30, Day 100 you all $1.00, and so forth until Day 365 you are entering $3.65. By then you will have accumulated about $668! Pretty cool!

365 Day Money Challenge

This is a good idea for kids to do and it’s easy enough where you won’t forget. Each day add a quarter into a jar. By the end of the year you will have $91.25. That’s a fair amount for a kid to save up, don’t you think so? You could switch this up by changing the amount you add to the jar each day.

52 Week Money Challenge

This is a common challenge that has been around for awhile. This one, I personally think may get hard at the end of the year when you have to add a large amount each week. So for this challenge you will need to put away a $1.00 a day, increasing the dollar amount each day. Basically each week you put that value in dollars away. So Week 5 is $5, Week 10 is $10, Week $40 is $40, and so forth. You will end up saving $1,378!! Wow! Print Your Copy Out. 

The Ideal 52 Week Money Challenge

Like I mentioned above, the 52 Week Challenge may get tough by the end of the year for some. Tucking away $40+ a week may be tough. So we have come up with a revised version of this challenge that is more ideal way of saving your money during the year. I hope you find it useful! In the end you still will end up saving $1,378!! Print Your Copy Out. 

Create Your Own Money Challenge

You can use whatever method you think will be efficient for you to use for the year to help you save money! Print Your Copy Out. 

Free Money Challenge Printables

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