Tip of the Day: Save Your Change

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 If you have been following My Momma Taught Me on Facebook for a while now, you may have noticed how I occasionally do “Tip of the Day” posts. These are just my simple thoughts and tips I’ve come across that I think you all would benefit from. I did one today and realized maybe I should be putting them all here! So here is today’s Tip:

Its always a good idea to pack away a little money here and there when you can. My mother taught me that. Whether it’s $0.50 or $20 – do what you can. You never know when you may need that money. And if you never need it through out the year it can be used for gifts at the end of the year!

I like the spare change method (haha as I call it) or should I say spare change “challenge” lol. Try putting any and all change you have in jars through out the year. When we went to Florida that’s the money we had for our vacation and it was over $400. It all adds up!! 

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