Tips on Peelie Coupons found on Products

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(above is examples of manufacturers coupons found on products that you cannot stack)

I wanted to take some time to show you that there is a difference in peelie coupons you find attached to items. Often I hear people talk about stacking a manufacturers coupon and using a peelie coupon on the same item. When you cannot do that. Actually most peelies found on products are manufacturers coupons! So you cannot stack two manufacturers coupon on one item.

 example 1(above is example of a store coupon peelie you can stack)

Sometimes you can find peelies that the stores themselves put on products as an incentive to buy that product. In that case, you can stack a manufacturers coupon with it. So just be sure to take a look at the peelie coupons, and know that not all peelie coupons can be stacked with a manufacturers coupon.

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