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Top 5 Affiliate Networks to have when Starting a Website

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So you are looking into starting your own website? There are soooo many factors and ways to go about doing this. One key factor you want to take into consideration when starting a website is signing up for affiliate networks. Some are harder then others to get into and have certain requirements. Here is a really simple list of my favorite affiliate networks that I use that I believe are fairly easy to get into. Here are my Top 5 Affiliate Networks to have when Starting a Website.

Google Ads

You will want to have ads on your site. My favorite ad network to use is Google Adsense. I find that they are the best for my website and what I want to be displayed on my site. Some networks can be overpowering with ads and take over your site making it hard for readers to navigate.


Could you have guessed Amazon was on this list? Amazon seems to be everywhere! It’s a good idea to be signed up for their affiliate network and be familiar with using them. You can earn commission off sales and even special bounties on select offers.

Shop Her

One of my favorite affiliates is Shop Her Media. This program offers commission on coupon prints, free samples, free trial offers, and more! It’s a great one to be signed up for in my opinion.


Another great one is Vix Women’s Forum. This is similar to Shop Her and often has similar offers, but in my opinion not as many.

Magic Links

This company is great. Using Magic Links you can earn commission  off of just about any online shopping store. It’s a great one to have and use for your online sale.

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