Homeschooling Myths

Top Homeschooling Myths

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Homeschooling Myths


When it comes to homeschooling I think many have their own ideas of what it means or what they think could be involved. We have been homeschooling for about five years now, and we have had many questions asked over that time. I wanted to share with you all the top misconceptions we have heard over homeschooling. Here are the Top Homeschooling Myths below listed short and simple.

How will your kids be socialized?

The number one thing asked by so many. After awhile it kind of becomes a sensitive topic. Only because the question asked can sometimes come off sounding from the person asking as if homeschoolers are locking their kids in their basements. Lets get real. Socialization does not only happen in public school setting. If anything out of the public school setting they will have more opportunity to talk and socialize. Not to mention socialization doesn’t only come from your peers. You get that from your family, extended family, going to stores and talking to cashiers, talking to waitresses, and the list goes on. I can’t speak for everyone, but when we pulled our oldest out of second grade she shortly became more outgoing and more talkative to even our family members. Many homeschool families participate in co-ops, church activities and other extra curricular activities where kids can socialize as well. So that myth that kids will not get any socialization being homeschooled is totally wrong.

You are not qualified to teach them

Stop. Just stop. This may be one of the most insulting questions or comments we have gotten. Do not let people bully you into thinking you are not smart enough or good enough to teach your children. You can totally do it! No, you do not need to have a teaching degree to be a homeschool parent. There are more then enough resources available out there to assist you. You can even get assistance for your children with special needs, if need be. You can even join co-ops with other homeschooling families where you can take turns if someone has more experience in a certain category. But, there is nothing that says you have to be a teacher or that you have to take a test to see if you qualify to educate your children at home.

You can’t get into college if your homeschooled

Um… we have had people argue over this one with us before. No joke. If your kids are homeschooled they can most definitely get into colleges. Yes, even the “good ones”. Homeschoolers may even be able to start taking college credited classes early as well. I know that much at least because we have looked into the options for the future already. We are in no hurry to rush our kids along, but want to know our options and to be prepared.

You are given educational materials

I wish. Well… not so much because then our options would be limited. You are given no materials when you choose to homeschool. There is no kit sent home or any sort of discount (this may very by state on the discount part as some may offer tax relief – NY does not). I know being left to figure out all the educational books and material may sound overwhelming, but honestly it gives you so much flexibility to be able to discover and learn what and how you would like to.

Homeschooling Myths Top Misconceived Ideas About Homeschooling

I’m sure there are a bunch more homeschooling myths we could talk about, but I think this covers the top ones. You can also check out the things not to say to a homeschool mom here.

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