Tops E-Bonus Saver Coupons Vs. Tops Click-to-Card Coupons

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E-Bonus Saver Coupons and Click to Card Coupons

It seems to me like the Tops Coupons located on their webpage that load to your Tops Loyalty Card can be a bit confusing, right?!  So I decided to try to explain them to the best of my knowledge. There are two different types of Tops Coupons that you can load to your card to save while shopping. These savings will automatically be taken off when you purchase the item using your Tops loyalty card. There are Tops E-Bonus Saver Coupons and Tops Click-to-Card Coupons.

tops store coupons

UPDATE: Now their website has a spot under their coupon central tab from the home page, and clicking on the ecoupons. You now see “Tops Store ECoupons” option to search through the ecoupons as well as “Manufacturers Coupons” tab. Now you can easily tell which coupons you can stack! Love it!

Tops E-Bonus Saver CouponseBonusSaver

These are Tops Store Coupons that can be stacked with manufacturers coupons. The E-Bonus Saver coupons can be found here.

  • These coupons will not double.
  • They are one time use coupons.
  • Do you remember back when they had those E-Bonus Saver Tops Store Coupons you could print off and use in the store?? Those were Tops Store Coupons too, and this is the same thing but online.
  • Tops Late Week Coupon are Store Coupons as well, and also show up “SC” on your receipt.
  •  These do expire, and you can find that on the coupon when you click it or on your shopping list.

Tops Click-to-Card Couponsclick to card coupons

These are Manufacturers Coupons that can not be stacked. The Click-to-Card Coupons can be found here.

  • These coupons will not double.
  • They are one time use coupons.
  • The number of times a Click-to-Card Coupon can be used is up to the manufacturer, but most coupons can be used only once. If a Click-to-Card Coupon can be used more than once it will be displayed again for you after you have redeemed the coupon and return to the Click-to-Card Coupons page.
  • If you buy more than one of the items you have a click to card coupon for, the click to card coupon will only come off once.
  • These do expire, and you can find that on the coupon when you click it or on your shopping list.

As Stated in their Coupon Policy:
“TOPS can not accept a manufacturer’s paper coupon and a Click-to-Card coupon on the same item.”

As Stated in their FAQS Section:

Can I use a Click-to-Card Coupon and a Paper Coupon on the Same Item?

There is a limit of one coupon per item purchased; you may use a paper coupon OR a Click-to-Card coupon, but not both on the same item.

List of FAQS can be found here


Step By Step How To Use Click-to-Card Coupons:

  1. Login to your TOPS BonusPlus account. Don’t have an account? Register here.
  2. Click the “add coupon” link on the TOPS BonusPlus Click-to-Card Coupons found in the Weekly Ad, from thousands of recipes or from the complete list of Current Click-to-Card Coupons.
  3. Review your shopping list to see all added products and all Click-to-Card Coupons or on the TOPS Mobile Website pages with your smartphone.
  4. Print your shopping list and bring it with you or use your smartphone’s shopping list when you shop so you have a reminder of all your Click-to-Card Coupons.
  5. Check out with your TOPS BonusPlus® account and your Click-to-Card Coupons are electronically matched against your purchases and automatically deducted from your bill.

tops app



Want to load the Tops Coupons to your account easier? Click Here to Read about the Tops Phone App 🙂

click 2 card

Here is an example of how these coupons should look on your receipt when you cash out. This was my first time using them. They all came off easily (phew!) 🙂

Hope this was Helpful! Head on over to the latest Tops Deals Here.
Kristy 🙂

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  1. Tracy

    Hello I finally got a new Bonus card-LOL mine was from over 10years ago probably because I shop at Wegmans always. Until 6months ago when I started couponing! I clicked on Tops E coupons and there aren’t any there- is this normal?


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