Tops Markets Price List

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Tops Markets Price List 

Each week Tops offers great buy one get one free deals. These deals often do not show a price with them in the weekly ads. This price lists will have the retail value of the products I have documented. I actually have a lot more to add on the Tops list… During a buy one get one free sale, this will be the price you can refer to for that item.

Below you can search Alphabetically for an items price. You can also view them by category by going here (this list takes longer to set up, so most recent will be auto added below). Keep in mind this is the retail price of the item, and the price used during a bogo sale. The price in store may be lower if there is a sale that week (not bogo). You can check our coupon matchups and tops deals for more sales.

I hope you find this feature helpful when planning your own personal shopping trips! Make sure you use our weekly coupon matchups to help you as well! :)