Twas the Night Before Christmas Mouse Foot Print Wall Art

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Night Before Christmas Canvas ArtRecently this year I purchased a paint kit so that I could finally start painting like I have wanted to do for many years. Well….so far I have painted one small painting (I shared it on my instagram account). Now I am creating some fun cutesy things to hang up around the house that I made with my kiddos.

This was such and easy wall hanging to create for the Holiday. We did “Twas the night before Christmas when all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a …”. Well a mouse of course! We used my kiddos footprints to create the mice!

Night Before Christmas Canvas Art 2Night Before Christmas Canvas Art Mouse 7

We purchased this set of 8×10 canvas wall art on Amazon. For the gray, I ended up using my kiddos paint because I did not have any gray in acrylic or want to try creating my own color. It’s pretty easy – you just ┬ápaint your kiddos little feet with the gray paint. Then you will want to very carefully have them stand on the canvas. Press firmly down on their foot as carefully as you can with out smudging the paint. Then carefully lift the foot up.

Night Before Christmas Canvas Art Mouse 5

I added two circles to the top of the footprints to create the ears of the mice. Then on the one side I created a tail by adding a line upward. After the grat paint dried I added pink circles to the inside of the gray ones to make the ears look better. I added small dots for eyes and nose with two thin lines off the nose to create whiskers.

Night Before Christmas Canvas Art 3

I used a black permanant marker to write on the canvas. I would suggest maybe writing in a pencil first to make sure it looks and fits how you would like. I used pencil to create the holy I added at the top and bottom before I painted it.

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