Couponing At Walgreens With My Momma Taught Me

Walgreens 101: Learn to Coupon at Walgreens

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Couponing At Walgreens With My Momma Taught Me

Here is a compiled list of the things you need to know in order to coupon at Walgreens. I hope you find it helpful!

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  • Walgreens Coupon Policy Found Here


Balance Rewards Points

You will need to Sign up for a Balance Rewards Card in order to get the advertised sales at Walgreens. You can enroll in-store, online,  or via the mobile app and begin right away earning points and special savings, and start redeeming rewards. Sign Up Now for a Balance Rewards Card here.

Earning Points

    • Earn points on thousands of items that are featured weekly in their ad.
    • Earn points for prescriptions and immunizations.
    • Get 500 points each, or 1,500 points for 90-day prescriptions.
    • Get 20 points per mile when you walk, run or cycle. Plus 20 points per weigh-in, blood pressure test or blood glucose test with Balance Rewards for healthy choices.

Redeeming Points

When you choose to redeem your points, they will be converted into redemption dollars to be used on your purchase. Redemption dollars cannot be paid out in cash or in store credit.

*Point Promotions will not apply to rain check items purchased after the promotion has ended. Point Promotions and Redemption Dollars cannot be earned on purchases of: alcohol; dairy; tobacco; stamps; phone/prepaid cards; money orders/transfers; transportation passes; lottery tickets; charitable donations; or pharmacy items or services that must be excluded by law as determined by Company.

Points Expiration

Keep in mind that if you do not earn or redeem points for 6 consecutive calendar months, they see it as inactive and all accumulated Points will be lost. For active Members, all Balance Rewards Points expire on a rolling 36 month basis.

Walgreens Rewards

Register Rewards

Walgreens has Register Rewards. They print out from a Catalina machine at the end of your transactions. They spit out because you bought something that triggers it. The register rewards are advertised in their weekly fliers. When you get a register reward (RR) it is money to spend next time. Your total amount of RR used will not deduct from tax, so make sure your calculations are correct. Also, the Register Reward needs to attach to an item; if you have a coupon for an item you cannot use a RR with it alone. You will need to have what we call, a “filler” item to use that reward with. That way you maximize your savings using the Rewards. ** Register Rewards cannot be used to buy the same product and receive another RR. Say you buy a Dove shampoo and you receive a RR, you cannot buy another dove and pay with the RR, because you will not receive another RR.

Example 1: if you have NO RR’s to Use:
Mayo – $3.00
Use $1.00/1 Mayo
Pay $2.00

Example 2: if you HAVE RR’s to Use:
Mayo – $3.00
Jello – $0.44 (FILLER to attach RR to)
Use $1.00/1 Mayo
Use $2.00 RR
Pay $0.44

Example 3: You buy
4.00 Dove Shampoo
7.00 Simply Saline
Total before coupons= 11.00
-2 dove cpn
-1 simply saline cpn
Total = 9.00

**Now if you are to pay with a RR you need to purchase something else so the RR “attaches” to that product because you already have a coupon to each product. Say a candy bar for .50

So add candy bar for .50 then total is 9.50 plus tax
Say you have a 8 RR to use…..then your total you pay will be 1.50 plus tax and you get back a 4 RR for Dove, and a 7 RR for the Simply Saline.

Walgreens Store Coupons

Instant Value Coupons / IVC

Walgreen’s has monthly coupon booklets that you can find at the front of the store with the weekly store ads. These are Walgreen’s store coupons called instant value coupons (IVC). These can be used in addition to manufacturers coupons, and this is called stacking.

Example of what an Instant Value Coupon Looks Like Below

Example of Stacking:

Buy 1 Cottonelle 12 pk – $5.00
Use the $1.00/1 Cottonelle 9pk+ from the 5-13 SS
AND Use the $1.00/1 Cottonelle Walgreen’s IVC from the May Monthly Book (pictured above)
Pay $3.00 for a 12pk

Tip: If you were to buy more than One item that you could use an IVC on, you only need ONE IVC coupon! They automatically take off that coupon amount for every item qualifying that you purchased!

Walgreens Clearances

One of my personal favorites at any store are clearance finds! You can totally use coupons on these items that are clearanced at Walgreens. Typically we see the same mark downs at all stores or will eventually. If you see something marked only 30% off then chances are it may go lower, but that depends on how long it sits on the shelves for too.

Hope this Helps!!

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