Why Copying Coupons = Big No No

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no scanning coupons

I wanted to take some time to inform all couponers. We all need to learn at some point or another. Today I wanted to talk about, well, coupons of course 😉 Seriously though, I wanted to talk about coupons of all kinds and how you are not supposed to make copies of them.

One Night I left this Message on my Facebook Page:

“FYI it is illegal to photo copy any coupons!! Not only will you get in trouble (they can track it to you) but the store looses out as well. This is a super big no no, and I wanted to let everyone know! If you have couponing friends please share. Word is we have someone local copying coupons at our local grocery store, and hopefully this will not result in the stop of printables again here. Thank you for reading. I just want everyone to be informed. Kristy”

I want everyone new and old to couponing to know how illegal it is to make photo copies of coupons. Whether they be from the coupon inserts or printable coupons. Even if your printer jammed on your second print and you were not able to get it, it is NOT okay to make a copy of the first one that printed!

  • Did you know that each printable prints with a unique tracking code to your address??
  • Did you know that each printable prints with a unique serial code??

You can read my other post, Tips on telling what coupons are Fraudulent.

People have gotten arrested for coupon fraud. And that is what photo copying coupon is. In my post Tips on telling what coupons are Fraudulent, I give example of some that have gotten arrested.

I just want everyone to be informed as possible when it comes to couponing. I try my best to bring you that information here at My Momma Taught Me. Thank you for reading. Kristy

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