National Geographic Animal Jam Educational Videos

Why National Geographic Animal Jam is Best App for Kids

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National Geographic Animal Jam Fun Facts

National Geographic Animal Jam is a fun packed app that kids can play and learn on. You guys my kids LOVE this app. It is their number one game they consistently play…so much that we decided to sign them up for a membership. I’ll be honest… I have fun playing the game as well. Here is Why National Geographic Animal Jam is Best App for Kids…It’s got a ton of ever changing content that’s so much fun. You can walk around with your animal that you name and design finding fun games and activities online. There are games you can play with other members. You can chat with other members, but it’s totally safe and monitored. They cannot even type in a lot of words that are considered “bad” to be said on there to other members. Some examples of words would be love, bed, numbers, phone, and bad words, names, and many more. I thought that was pretty neat!

National Geographic Animal Jam Educational Videos

It’s Educational

Animal Jam is jammed pack with educational content like fun facts about animals and even videos!

As one of the biggest online playgrounds in the world, Animal Jam empowers kids to learn the skills they need to safely navigate the Internet. They are constantly strengthening their safety measures to be the safest place for kids to explore, learn, and play wild.

This has to be my most favorite feature. Specially because this is basically an online community. No private information can even accidentally be shared.

National Geographic Animal Jam choosing names

You can name every pet and animal you own. They kids have a blast choosing from a random pre-selected list.

National Geographic Animal Jam fun world to play

It’s Safe

A team of community managers, game moderators, and online safety experts are constantly improving Animal Jam’s safety measures so you can feel good about your child’s activity online.

Animal Jam Membership

It’s Free / Affordable

You can play for free or you can sign up for a membership at only $4.99 During the month of January, memberships purchased on desktops come with a bundle filled with an incredible animal, an adorable pet, a frozen den, cool blackout accessories, and an all-new den item set! You can sign up here for a membership.

National Geographic Animal Jam Membership National Geographic Animal Jam Membership perks

There is a difference in the desktop version and the app version of Animal Jam. They offer a few different items and perks for each. You can sign in the same, but what’s available may differ.

So what are you waiting for? Head over here to sign up for free and check it out today! I promise you, you and your kids are gonna love it!

Why National Geographic Animal Jam Is Best App For Kids

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