3D Glasses at Lowes

3D Christmas Glasses Turn Lights into Fun Holiday Shapes!!

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3D Glasses at Lowes

We were at Lowe’s last night picking up more items for our huge 20’x40′ addition we have been busy building ourselves this year… and the girls and I spotted these amazing 3D glasses.

3D Glasses at Lowes turn lights into fun shapes

These glasses turn the lights into fun shapes!! So you put them on and look at the lights. Each light gets turned into the shape the glasses have. You can find them in the holiday section at Lowe’s, and for only $1.98. They had a few different designs like snowflakes, snowmen, santa, and reindeer.

Christmas Tree Lights Shapes from 3D Glasses

I tried to take an image through the glasses using my phone so you can see how they work! I think it’s pretty cool and my girls went ga-ga over them. The best part was when we drove home through town and looked at the lights it made HUGE shapes. It was pretty cool you guys.

If you snag a pair I’d love to hear!


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