Always Watch Your Purse or Lock it in the Cart When Shopping!

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purse locked when shopping

I’m sure this is not new news to many of you, but for some it may be something you never really thought much about it. When you are shopping and you have a purse we tend to plop it down in the seat in the front of shopping carts. Many of us leave the end of the shopping cart to grab items to put in the cart or to read something on the shelf near by.

If you are not careful you could be leaving your purse wild open for someone to intentionally steal it. I know it’s super sad to think about, but it happens! Always make sure to watch your purse or use the baby seat belt on the cart to hold your purse in the cart. That way no one can take it. It only takes a second for someone to grab it in stride while walking by.

Like a month ago shopping with my mom late at night like we often do she walked away from her cart and I was waiting for her per usual 😉 Well I went over and said, “Mom what are you doing?! Didn’t you teach me to keep your purse locked in the cart when shopping?!” She totally forgot about it. So from now on that is what we do. She told me long ago about this, but we even forget. You just can never be too safe!


Always Watch Your Purse or Lock it in the Cart When Shopping! — 5 Comments

  1. My wallet just got stolen out of my purse on Sunday while grocery shopping! Really sucky experience. Wish I would’ve read this before!

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