Why I am Upset with Tops…

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Why I am Upset with Tops...

Yesterday I shared the above status in my Facebook Group. To be honest I was really upset. Grocery shopping can be so time consuming, and especially with kids. I take the time to look through the Tops weekly ads to see what good sales they are offering and make my lists. When I get to the store I don’t want to find things not on the shelves. No one does. I really don’t want to see half the items on my shopping list no where to be found on the shelf and on a Tuesday. On a Holiday week when I am super busy now I have to go to not one, but two grocery stores to finish my shopping. I’m not sure why I keep going to Tops Markets for my groceries. This is not the first time and I’m sure it will not be the last time I run into this issue or some other issues I’ve been having. I should just stick to shopping at Wegmans like I have been, but I’m such a bargain hunter it has been hard not to pass up some of the great weekly sales. Not to mention I try hard to find some awesome unadvertised deals for you all from Tops.


Apparently, I am not the only one who has been experiences these issues at Tops… As you can see from the screen shots above and below that many others have had similar issues at their local Tops. I totally get that things happen and they may not expect something to sell as good as it does. But to me this just is unexceptionable. Seriously not just a couple things were competently gone off the shelves (we are talking every variety too) but multiple items. I have gone in on a Sunday and seen bare shelves, or even later in the week and still nothing. I try to understand I really do, but as a customer it makes it very hard to keep shopping like that even if you are offered rain checks. There has been times where my rain checks expire before they get items in stock!

So on Tuesday I started by looking for some salami and I don’t have time to wait at the deli counter for 5 minutes till the person decides to look up to come ask me what I want while I have my kids. Really I hate shopping at the deli because it takes forever. So I stopped by the new station that has a small cooler full of pre packed deli meat – perfect. Love that idea except most the meat was packaged days ago and were to be sold by the day before, so on other hand I’d rather not.

I then head to grab some Hawaiian punch that is on sale and to my surprise not one flavor was left on the shelf! I was surprisingly shocked. I mean this item was not even an item to get using a coupon. It was just a plain good deal to get. Um punch bowls for the holidays and they were only $1.50! Come on Tops…

Then I head to the other aisles frantically looking for other items I needed and more items not there. I really wanted the Tops brand biscuits for our Christmas morning breakfast. Now I have to find them else where because there was only one of those left on the shelf. So I head to the juice only to feel like the prices were all too high. So I hopped on my phone and sure enough the large Wegmans Brand juices were a better deal as they have their 128 oz for $4.69 when the 80 something oz was the same price at Tops. Um yea…By now I was just annoyed. It was super busy in the store and I had my kids and I just wanted to drop my cart and leave. I get so upset and take it personal – like why would you do this to me Tops?! Lol…I can laugh now, but at that time I was really upset. I didn’t want to have to go to another store this week.


Let me tell you about how the past week I tried to order something from Tops catering menu and they told me they couldn’t do it. Why not? I mean it’s something you advertise in your catering menu that you can do. So we called the other local Tops and they gave us the same thing – can’t do it. Talk about frustrating! They did offer to order the items from another store, but they wouldn’t be here in time for my event which was 4 days away. You only need 48 hours to confirm an order. So we ordered the wrap tray and that was it, sadly. I wasn’t too pleased with how the wraps tasted either just to mention.

Overall I’m just very disappointed with Tops. Even after deciding I was going to stop shopping there because our shopping habits changed and they did not offer what we needed for our family I still went back. I’m not sure why (well yes, it’s the darn sales) I did. It’s just so upsetting. I have always loved Tops and everything they do. But to have a few bad experiences in a row? I just don’t know…


  1. Sandy

    I end up with a lot of rain checks , then I never use them ! especially when I have coupons and they expire befor the items are in stock the next week


  2. Sarah Weidman

    Why i use Wegman’s the most, Tops is terrible.


  3. My Momma Taught Me

    I feel the same about Wegmans too Ava-Marie, but I cannot find as large of selection at Aldis or Walmart so I end up having to go there in the end too seems. I wish my Tops had more organic/natural items.


  4. Tasia

    Kristy, I am feeling the same way. I have been shopping at BJ’s more but of course going to Tops for the awesome coupon deals. This Sunday at 10:30 a.m. THE ENTIRE SHELF of all the Buy 2 get 3 free Lays chips. GONE! On Sunday! I was so annoyed because I wasn’t planning on making another trip to Tops this week. I haven’t been back because I think if they are just out again. It’s super disappointing to have the shelves empty on the first day they run the sales.
    I have never had an empty shelf of something I want at Wegmans! I think I will look at Wegmans more then Tops lately too. Of course I love my deals at BJ’s!


    1. Kristy

      Right. I have been shopping BJ’s and now Wegmans as well. I just came home from Wegmans and like you said, no empty shelves. I was able to get the items I needed that Tops didn’t and at (to my surprise) not that bad of prices. I was even able to grab some goodies for my kiddos Christmas Party bags for school. Love that Wegmans has bulk items now too like BJ’s. Otherwise I’d be getting my Annie’s Gummies at BJ’s still.


  5. dick odea

    the problem as i see it is TOPS just does not care about critisism of any kind and just shrugs it off without even attempting to correct a problem.

    bike racks that are supposed to be filled w/ water or sand and bolted to the ground…2 store 6 plus calls….no action

    you have overcharged me ten dollars….you have to come in and then will take care of you..but i do not drive…..you need to come in

    call there complaint line and give your life story in order to make complaint and no reply.

    shifting coupon policies from store to store, cashier to cashier and completely ill informed management etc.

    these things have not changed nor are they going to

    ought to change the name to “SHRUGS’


    1. Kristy

      So sorry you are having such issues with your store. That does remind me when I had an issue with money owed to me and they told me I had to go back to the store as well. Even though another person told me they get gift cards in mail by Tops corporate so we don’t have to worry about going back to store for their mistake. Consistency is key here.


  6. Ava-Marie Shonitsky

    Big reason I don’t really shop tops anymore. And I don’t shop wegmans because it’s too expensive and I end up buying more then I need because of the great selection. I pretty much stick with Aldis now with the occasion stop into wegmans for the must have items I can’t get from


  7. My Momma Taught Me

    Sorry you’re experiencing the same frustrations Patti.


  8. Patti McDermott Wiesner

    Exactly! I’ve even tried to go different days and time of day. Apparently they need stocking help or larger quantity of items on sale!! 🙁


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