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BIG Change to BJ’s Wholesale Club Coupon Policy 2019

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BJ's Wholesale Club Cart

There has been a recent change this month to the BJ’s Wholesale Club Coupon Policy. It was updated on 4-11-19. The major change is that we are no longer allowed to stack more than one manufacturers coupon with a store coupon. Bad news for those of you who really take advantage of that stacking.

NEW BJ's Wholesale Club Coupon Policy

Earlier this year, stores got rid of the allowing couponers to use expired store coupons up to the 7 days after they expire. Now we can no longer stack more than one manufacturers coupon on an item. For me this is not a big deal since I never really was able to stack offers at my store that way. They always gave me a hassle using more then one. For others I’m sure it’s a big blow and super disappointing. Let us know in the comments below what you think about this change?

BIG Change To BJ's Wholelsale Club Coupon Policy That You Don't Want To Miss, Specially If You're A Couponer!

Read the whole coupon policy here. 

Annie's Mac And Cheese Cups Clearance At Bjs

Don’t fret though! I’ve been shopping there savings money this whole time with out stacking coupons that way. So you can still get great savings! Not to mention you can save a ton with just store coupons or digitals, and the clearances they have are so great!

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  1. Tasia @MyBJswholesale

    I’m so glad you shared this! Yes there are still so many ways to save at BJs without using multiple coupons and the fact we can still stack is awesome!


  2. Sandy D

    I went to buy the throwback chef boy Arden ravioli in the cans , it had an instant rebate , I also found a Bjs coupon in their booklet . Cashed out and the checkout wouldn’t take it , lady sId it already had a coupon and wouldn’t take it .


    1. Kristy

      You were trying to use a coupon on an item that had the clipless coupon? I do believe your cashier was wrong not allowing the coupon.


      1. CharlieK

        Unfortunately cashier was correct. The clippers coupon counts as a coupon so you can’t use another bjs coupon in addition to that anymore. Previously it only worked because of the glitch in their system which allowed the use of two bjs coupons. Now that they’ve fixed their system and limit manufacturer coupons to one, you can’t do that anymore.


        1. Kristy

          I’m not sure I understand what you are talking about. You could always use a store coupon and multiple manufactures coupons on the multipacks per coupon policy. Also, their policy does state you can use multiple different store coupons on same item as long as doesn’t exceed price of item.


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