BJ’s 101 – Learn to Coupon at BJ’s Wholesale Club

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BJ's 101

Here is a compiled list of the things you need to know in order to coupon at BJ’s. I hope you find it helpful! I tend to find BJ’s to be a difficult store to understand how to use coupons there. They sell bulk items, but they allow you to use more than one coupon on them (sometimes). I’ve never personally been able to get in on some of the deals because my store will claim you can’t use coupons on items unless you can physically see each bar code on the items. Which is what their policy states. I’m still confused, but will try to lay it out to the best of my knowledge.

Link to BJ’s Website Here
BJ’s Coupon Policy Found Here

BJ's Store Front

BJ’s does allow you to stack coupons. Stacking coupons refers to using a store coupon and a manufacturers coupon on the same product.

Types of BJ’s Store Coupon

Remember, store coupons always say such on them! Here are where you can find BJ’sIMG_7769 store coupons!

  1. BJ’s Journal
  2. BJ’s Monthly Membership Booklet Sent home
  3. BJ’s Front of the Store Fliers found in stores
  4. Online Digital Coupons 
  5. Special Email Newsletters may contain some


Stacking Coupons

BJ’s does allow you to stack coupons. Their policy stated that when purchasing a multi-pack of “individual for sale” packaged items {which is a set of items that could be sold individually (each item has a barcode) shrink-wrapped and sold together}, shoppers can only use multiple manufacturer’s coupon and ONE BJ’s coupon on it. The total value of the coupons cannot exceed the total retail value of the item.

NEW BJ's Wholesale Club Coupon Policy

Starting 4-11-19 you can no longer stack multiple manufacturers coupons on one product. You can only use one.

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BJ’s Memberships

In order to shop at BJ’s you do need to be a member. If you wonder about what it’s like shopping there, you can always sign up for a free one day pass (not always available). They have a few different membership plans.  When you sign up in store, you may get some free store samples (speaking of….shopping you get to try samples!!) and you can save time, money and hassle every day with special savings on travel, eyewear, home improvement and many other services for individuals and businesses — all from BJ’s Services.

  1. Personal Membership – for Individuals and families and you get a FREE Second Card for a household member. This one is most common and costs usually around $50/yr.

  2. BJ’s Perks Rewards Membership – You Earn 2% back on most BJ’s in-Club and online purchases, and more. Costs around $100/yr.

My BJ’s Perks MasterCard

You can sign up for a BJ’s Mastercard and earn up to 5% back when you shop. There and everywhere PLUS special Gas Savings. You can learn more here.  My BJ’s Perks Mastercard Member get an additional 10¢ off/gal. at BJ’s Gas every day.

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Store Pick Up

Did you know most stores allow you to shop online and pick up in stores? You can’t purchase everything, but they have a nice variety you can check out here.

Learn How To Coupon At BJ's Wholesale Club And Save Money Using Coupons And More

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