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Create Boo-ing Baskets Shopping at Tops for Everything You Need (Including Store E-Coupon Offers)

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Tops is at it again with another fun filled activity that also offers us some store e-coupons!!! Have you hear of Boo-ing? Well Boo-ing is the act of leaving a basket or bundle full of fun snacks and candy for your neighbor, friend, classmate, family member, or coworker to find. It’s that easy, and TOPS is helping bring BOO-ing to your neighborhood! They are offering up some great money-saving store eCoupons, as well as fun ideas for creating your own BOO Bundles!

Tops Boo Basket

BOO Bundle Ideas:

Candy Bars
Energy Drinks
Potato Chips
Snack Nuts
Granola Bars
K-Cups & Coffee Pods
Craft Ciders or Beers
(for those of legal drinking age)
Salsa Jars
Tortilla Chips
Carbonated Beverages
Bottled Water
Toothbrush & Toothpaste
(for good dental hygiene)

TOPS Booing Internal 980X250

How to Create Your Boo-ing Basket

  1. Pick out a bowl or basket, and fill it with fun treats, candy, beverages, & snacks. – Print 2 copies of the BOO-ing Card found here to place in your bundle.
  2. SECRETLY DELIVER IT –  Who are you going to BOO? Choose a neighbor, coworker, family member, or teacher. Surprise them by leaving your BOO Bundle for them to find on their doorstep or desk!
  3. BOO IT FORWARD – Once BOO-ed, your neighbor will hang their “We’ve Been BOO-ed” sign. Then they can begin crafting their own BOO Bundle and the cycle will continue!

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  1. Laura Benjamin

    Hey, we got boo-ed and in our boo bag were 4 FREE coupons for:

    a gallon of apple cider, a nestle candy bar, a dozen of donuts, and a 16fl oz intense milk bottle.

    How do we get these coupons to pay it forward to the next person?! I cant find these coupons anywhere! I doubt any neighbor we have would go and create a bundle worth $20 bucks since that’s what approximately everything came to we figured! We were thinking our local Tops, personally boo-ed us since we are well lets just say, don’t even associate with any neighbors. If you know how to get these coupons to the next person, any help is appreciated. Thank you


    1. Kristy

      I’m wondering if the Tops stores have pre packaged bags for this that include these items??


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