Cute Coupon Binders Covers

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These are really cute, and look like purses! If you don’t mind spending the money, these are for you! I should really invest in one of these! Maybe then my other purses won’t rip because of the weight of my coupon binder! LOL. (I’m just so cheap, I’ll admit it 😉 lol) Maybe I’ll try making one! Haha or save myself the trouble and spend some of my birthday money on one of these….they do have a clearance section 😉

Chocolate Owls Coupon Clutch Binder Cover – $29.95

Olive and Burgundy Paisley Coupon Clutch Binder Cover – $19.95


Turquoise and Chocolate Polka Dots Coupon Clutch Binder Cover – $29.95


Zebra Print Coupon Clutch Binder Cover – $29.95



Organize your coupons in style with this handmade fabric cover that is designed to make your standard 2″ three ring binder look like a designer tote. Features a soft, padded outer cover and two interior pockets. Binder is not included. This over sized coupon organizer package is a must for the serious couponer!



Special! Get our Deluxe Insert Pages and Organizer System for $5.00 off with a Coupon Clutch purchase. ($19.95) The Deluxe Coupon Organizer Package includes:

  • 8 Tabbed Dividers
  • 3 Plastic Binder Pockets
  • 11 Nine Pocket Pages
  • 11 Six Pocket Pages
  • 18 Four Pocket Pages
  • 5 Page Instruction Booklet
4 Pocket Coupon Binder Pages (10 pack) – $3.95


For $7.95 you can get the Pattern and make one yourself

Coupon Clutch Binder Pattern


AND Here is a site for Coupon Pages (I have not researched yet, but will be….as I am interested in these!)

6-Pocket Coupon Pages

Price: $0.32
Price: $0.32
Price: $0.29
ALSO, fiind them at Amazon Here

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