Creating Your Own Stockpile & Stock Up Prices

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Creating Your Own Stockpile

*Note this may take time, depending on you, your coupons, and our local sales.


What is Stockpiling, and how can you do it??

Stockpiling is when you buy items you need when they are at their rock bottom price they go on sale, and combining with a great coupon. And grabbing more than one of these. A stockpile can be as little as having 4 of something, or as big as 20 of something (depending on your needs for that item). Stockpiling essentially saves you money in the long run, and overall in general when shopping.

Do you have a stockpile? Do you have stockpile prices too? If not, here is how you can Start:

1. Create a Make a Master List of Items

2. Create a Price Book of lowest price to pay

3. Shop the Sales

A stockpile only saves money when it contains items that have been purchased on sale or obtained for free, so don’t expect to build a huge stockpile overnight. Focus your efforts on finding those too-good-to-pass-up sales, and the stockpile will take shape on its own:

  • learn to spot the sales in the weekly sales flyers

  • clip coupons, and match them to sales

  • combine manufacturer coupons and store coupons to maximize your savings

  • take advantage of rebate offers

  • grab up clearanced items

4. Don’t Overdo It

Stockpiling is easy to overdo. Before you go nuts and buy 100 tubes of 10-cent toothpaste, spend some time evaluating your actual needs. Some stockpilers buy enough of an item to get to the next sale, while others prefer to buy enough to get through a certain number of months. Whichever method you choose, it’s important to keep expiration dates in mind. You won’t save any money by buying more than you can use.
* A good idea is to donate some things you have a lot of to family and friends 🙂


5. Organize Your Stockpile

Once those bargains begin to accumulate, you’ll need to find a way to organize them. Your first step should be designating a spot in your home for your stockpile. Pantries and basements are great (if you’ve got them) but guest room closets, empty dresser drawers,  and even under your bed will work. Think creatively, and you’ll find the perfect spot for your stockpile. After that all you will need to do is to keep your stockpile neat and orderly.
A few tips to get you going:

  • group like items together

  • rotate your stock, bringing new items to the back and moving older items to the front

  • freeze items if you can

   My Momma Taught Me’s Stockpile Price Points

Everything here is based on my own personal shopping experiences in NY through out the years. Depending on your area, it may be more or less. Everything listed is priced at a low point, and you can assume any price lower is a great stock up price too!

Print Out MMTM Stock Up Price Point List HERE
Create your Own Stock Up Price Point List HERE

See Pictures of my Stockpile Here
See Pictures of other Couponers Stockpiles Here




Creating Your Own Stockpile & Stock Up Prices — 7 Comments

  1. I stockpile!!!! I am 73 years old and believe me it helps. We have a store called “Real Deals” they often get brand names in and I really stock up then. It’s amazing how expensive the items are in the grocery store!! When necessary I can go 3 weeks or more without going to a grocery store…..I just invent a meal with what I have on hand.

  2. was checking out ur stockpile price list- i noticed that tampons, canned soups, broth, dry soup mix, or beans was not listed- do u have a bottom line price for those items! thanks

    • I do have my own 🙂 There are so many items, sometimes it’s hard to think of of all! lol
      I personally try for $1.50 or less for tampons IF that is possible. Canned soups I like to stay at $0.50 or less. Dry soup mix, I don’t buy so I have no idea? Beans….like bush’s baked beans, or canned beans, or frozen? 🙂
      Also, my stock up price can fluctuate depending on y families need for that item. If we are wanting soup and have none I will pay $0.50-$0.75 a can, but if we have some in stock I won’t buy at that price, and wait to go lower if possible. If that makes sense?

      • it absolutely makes sense- the beans are canned kidney beans for chili ( for when i am running behind from work) and the bagged! the dry soup mix we use alot for homemade salisbury steaks and roast in the crock pot ( again on running behind days lol) we also use the soup mix in french onion dips for parties! for some reason i just cant get a good price in my head for those items- given our regional difference and economy- i think im right at where we should be and still come out top! thanks so much for ur help hunni! ur awesome!

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