Dinosaurs Live At Dorney Park

Dinosaurs Alive Exhibit at Dorney Amusement Park

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Dinosaurs Live At Dorney Park

A few years ago I was able to score an awesome deal and get some free amusement park tickets to Dorney Park. It’s a huge amusement park with tons of water rides as well. Well attached to this awesome amusement park is this cool  Dinosaurs Alive exhibit.

Dinosaurs Live Dorney Park 5

These are all pictures that we took while we were there. This Dinosaurs Alive exhibit is located Allentown, PA. We live in New York and it was not that far of a travel for us. We stayed the weekend in a local hotel near by the amusement park. 

Dinosaurs Live Dorney Park 4

You can witness how dinosaurs may have looked and moved in their own environments. Many of the dinosaurs do move around! Check out the video we took on youtube!

Dinosaurs Live Dorney Park Dinosaur At Dorney Park 6

Dinosaurs Live Dorney Park 3 Dinosaurs Live Dorney Park 2

You can see more than 40 moving and life-sized dinosaurs, including several you can even control.

Dinosaur Eggs At Dorney Park

They had baby dinosaur eggs with babies in one of the exhibits! So cute!

Dinosaur Bones At Dorney Park

One of the areas had an area where you could see how it is that they would map out the dig site from dinosaur bones found. They even have a dig site where kids can pretend to be a paleontologist!

Kristy From My Momma Taught Me At Dinosaur Live Dorney Park

Here I am in front of one of the dinosaurs that roar and move around. They are very life like. You get to walk down a path and see all of the dinosaurs. Be careful as some sort of sneak up on your through the bushes as you are walking though (not really coming up to you).

Dinosaur At Dorney Park

Dinosaur At Dorney Park 8

Dinosaur At Dorney Park 4

Dinosaur At Dorney Park 3

This dinosaur exhibit presents scenes and stories based on real fossil evidence, such as the predator trap at Cleveland-Lloyd in Utah and the Pachyrhinosaurus flash flood episode from Pipestone Creek in Alberta, Canada.

Dinosaur At Dorney Park 2

 They have developed an educational resource kit filled with all sorts of dino facts and activities to do before, during and after your visit to Dinosaurs Alive! You can Download the Education Kit before going. How awesome is that?!

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