Free Printable Back to School Price Comparison List 2016 – Includes; Walmart, Target, Dollar General

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Back to School Price Comparison List for 2016

I’m pleased to share with you another awesome Back to School printable that you can hopefully find much use out of! I created a Free Printable Back to School Price Comparison List for 2016. This list includes the regular prices for such items like pens, crayons, notebooks and more at Walmart, Target and Dollar General. Keep in mind that some stores may mark some of their items lowers for sales. Also, prices can vary from store to store. This should be a general price list and the prices should be very close if they are not exact. This will be a great tool to have to compare the sales and deals that will be going on. We are already seeing the school supply deals at many stores!

Back to School Price Comparison List 2016

I hope you all find this list very helpful! You can print out your own list here.
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  1. Refugio Beilstein

    If you are planning your back to school shopping and wondering who has the best deal on school supplies,  check out this Free Printable comprehensive 2015 Back to School Walmart and Target Stock Up Price Cheat Sheet.


  2. Jillian Bourke

    Pretty awesome that Target beats all of walmarts prices!! ????????????????


    1. My Momma Taught Me

      I didn’t even notice ???? it took me sooo long to go through the images and search online and type em in and get the pdf to work… Lol. So I hope it’s worth it!!


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