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I am excited to share with you a Stock Up Price Point List! What that means is that this is a list of common items purchased at the stock up price you should buy them at! These are  based on my own personal shopping experiences in NY through out the years. Depending on your area, it may be more or less. Everything listed is priced at a low point, and you can assume any price lower is a great stock up price too! There are two different pdf files you can look at and print out. One is a list of my stock up price points, and the other is a blank one for you to fill out if you please! 🙂

Print Out MMTM Stock Up Price Point List HERE
Create your Own Stock Up Price Point List HERE

 Looking for Tips on how to Create your Own Stockpile? Check out my tips here, and join our newest Facebook Group: The $5.00 Stock Up Challenge!


Free Printable Stock Up Price Points Lists — 4 Comments

    • Yay!! Congrats on finding the Easter Egg – I just sent you the email for the $10 Amazon Gift Card 🙂 Happy Easter!

  1. Are these prices with or without coupons? Or some of both? I know that seems a silly question on a couponing site, but I was really wondering. I use some coupons but not a lot.

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