Generators CHEAP at Home Depot

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Have you been thinking about purchasing a generator lately? Well maybe you should be… especially right now. Whether you go camping without electric hookups or worry about what will happen to all your food in the refrigerator and freezer the next time the power goes out now is the time to jump on purchasing a generator.

Home Depot is currently running a crazy sale on the Sportsman line of generators. They offer generators from the small ones meant for 1 or 2 small things to be run or giant ones that can power most the items in your home if need be.

We purchased 2 of these generators today. We purchased a 4000 watt Generator that can run on either Gasoline or on Propane(those tanks under your grill). How convenient is that?! We purchased this so we can use it around the house and so we can power our Welder and Air Compressor off of it for jobs around our house. We also purchased a small 1000 Watt generator that is extremely quiet to use to power our camper when we go to campgrounds without electric hookups. We know this generator will not run everything our camper has in it, like the A/C, the Microwave, Furnace and all the lights and fans, but it will allow us to run each of these things one at a time while also charging the house battery for overnight. The key to this generator was the quietness(56 decibels,) because after all we are camping in a remote area to get away from the noise and enjoy the peace and quiet… NOBODY likes the campsite running that beast generator from the 80’s that sounds like lawnmower!

Just to give you an idea of how quiet this generator is, when running it is 56 decibels, to compare a human conversation from 3 feet away is 60 decibels!!! Don’t believe me? Here is a chart from OSHA, the kings of safety:Image result for decibel chart osha

See? Told ya…
So onto this deal already, right? Home Depot is currently running a Spring Black Friday sale until April 9th. This sale includes the 2 generators we bought along with many others. The smaller quiet 1000 Watt Sportsman Generator is on sale for $158.00 regularly $359.00. The larger Dual Fuel 4000 Watt Generator we purchased is $249.00 regularly $529.00. To top this all off, there is free shipping to your home!

Click HERE for a list of all their generators  on sale.

So maybe you are thinking, yeah okay these are cheap prices but that’s probably because they are junk generators. Well, just go check out the reviews for any of their generators on Home Depot or even on Amazon for the same products. Their Generators get 4-5 star reviews.

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