Womens Boots Only $9.99

Women’s Boots Only $9.99 each!!! Wow!

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Womens Boots Only $9.99

You guys I have been on the hunt for some new boots! Now is the perfect time to buy some if you want some new ones. Many stores are discounting boots in order to clear room for spring items! I was super bummed when I lucked out at Kohl’s when I was shopping and spotted the perfect brown boots on clearance. I couldn’t even find them online. So I’ve been looking at many stores. Last night I spotted boots for only $9.99 at Sears!! WOW huh?! Check out these killer prices below I found.

Now you can totally find a ton more varieties for different prices too. Saw ankle boots for less then $9, saw similar boots for $14.99 and some as close to $20. What an awesome deal if you are looking for new boots. Be sure to check you shop your way points! I surprisingly had $9 in surprise points!! So that basically covered shipping so I was really happy with that to get 2 pairs of boots shipped to my house for $20!



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