Free Printable Grocery Shopping List Dollar Doublers

Get Organized with this FREE Dollar Doublers Grocery List Printable

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Free Printable Grocery Shopping List Dollar DoublersGet Organized with this FREE Dollar Doublers Grocery List Printable

I have shared on Facebook how I was preparing for my orders at Tops Markets this week. This week is a dollar doublers week, and we can save even more by using these dollar doublers. I have tons of coupons and items I want to stock up on. I wanted to be as organized as possible so I started a list of all the coupons I had.

Ask and you shall receive! Thanks to my awesome husband he whipped these up for me. We now have three NEW more detailed shopping list printables for you! I hope these help you!

Dollar Doublers Grocery List Preview

So I came up with this Free Printable to help you all stay organized! It has the coupon value, product, quantity of coupons you have, the store price, and the out of pocket (oop) price you will be paying for that item after coupon. I think this will help me know what I have when I shop. I can’t always make a list now a days and stick to it due to lack of product availability¬† when I shop.

My Dollar Doubler List

Here is how I organized my list and gathered my coupons. I put all my coupons that double in value in one ziploc bag and all the dollar value coupons in another. That way they are separated and ready for me to pull out. I put them starting with my must haves in the front and decreasing to the back of the pile.


If you are experiencing difficulties opening the file, try to “save link as” then open it on your computer.


  1. Kyle-Lynn

    This is great for planning. I laid out 5 trans for this week, and I paperclip them inside a half sheet of paper with the breakdowns ???? but I always need back ups! TY for all you do!


  2. Nicki

    Can you please tell me how i can get coupons


    1. Kristy

      Hi Nikki, what coupons are you referring to? The Tops Dollar Doubler coupons?


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