Dollar Doublers At Tops

Tops Markets Dollar Doublers: What are they and how do we use them?

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Dollar Doublers At Tops

Dollar Doublers?? What does this mean? You can pair only FOUR dollar doublers coupons from the Tops Markets weekly ad with Four Manufacturer coupons valued at $1.00 each in each order. The coupons used with these doubles MUST be $1.00 off coupons. You must purchase at least $20!! That is supposed to be before coupons, unless you get a hard cashier (not fun!) and after sales and tops coupons. The coupons can not exceed the price of item bought (no overage given).  Sometimes you can also find you can print these out off their website during the dollar doubler promotion.

I thought I would post about this in case you are or do run into a problem with using your dollar doublers at Tops. Some Tops will tell you (which I have had problems in the past before with this) that coupons are discounts so you need to have $20 After coupons to use the doublers. Not true. Coupons are a form of payment. The store will get reimbursed for those coupons. Sales and discounts are different, as they are offers given out by the store them selves. That’s why it makes sense that you can use these dollar doublers with a $20 purchase BEFORE coupons, but AFTER sales and discounts .

So Remember:

  1. Total Spent in order to use doublers is $20
  2. Have to be paired with $1.00 off Manufacturers Coupons Only
  3. Total is BEFORE Coupons
  4. Total is AFTER Sales and Store Coupons have been applied

Hope this Helps you in your shopping trips!! 

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