How Ibotta Works: Earn Cash Back!

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How Ibotta Works

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It is REALLY EASY to EARN CASH BACK!!! Just from buying items you were already going to! Ibotta offers cash back on purchases made in stores and online. They run special offers and bonuses each month. *NEW* They now offer select stores to link your loyalty card so you immediately earn cash back with out having to upload your receipts! Here you can Learn How Ibotta Works!



You can earn up to $20 or more every time you use Ibotta. So what are you waiting for? Trouble viewing the video? Head on over here to watch.

How Ibotta Works:

  • Sign Up for Ibotta
  • Before shopping, check for offers on your favorite products. (you can even scan barcodes to make sure they qualify)
  • After shopping, take a picture of your receipt to earn cash.
  • Select items you purchased.
  • You only have a week to redeem certain offers. They will have expiration dates on them.
  • Earn Bonuses for buying select offers.
  • Redeem Your Cash.


In order to get cash back for purchases you make, you will need to go through all the available offers and select the ones you want. To do that you simply click on the earn $ button and they will have you do simple things such as watch short videos, view recipes, take short polls, etc. It is very easy to do!

How Ibotta Works: Earn Cash Back!In addition to getting cash back on your purchases, you can also use manufacturer’s coupons to lower your out of pocket expense! Wahoo!

After you make your in-store purchases, you will need to upload your receipt  to the ibotta app. Ibotta will then verify your purchases and within 24 hours give credit to your account if it was earned.  It is simple to upload your photo. When you choose the redeem offer button, and then the store, it comes up on your screen a long rectangular box to take a picture of your receipt. You will need to take a picture of the WHOLE receipt in order to get credit.

How Ibotta Works: Earn Cash Back!

Once you’ve reached at least $5 in earnings they will transfer your earnings directly to your PayPal account. You then can choose Withdraw Cash from the main menu of the app. Then you would select Get My Cash in order for ibotta to link to your PayPal account. Simple Enough, right?

They also allow you to choose if you would like to receive your cash back or donate it to a school!

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