My End of Month Savings for April

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So every month I try to gather all my savings. I save all of my receipts and try to write down the money I spend and save, along with the number of items I purchased. At the end of each month I add those numbers up. I find that knowing how much you saved each month helps you feel more accomplished with all that effort you put into couponing and deal hunting.


So how did I do for the month of April?
I say pretty good 🙂

I split my receipts into grocery and non grocery items.

My Grocery Spendings (actual amount of cash spent) – $183.22

My Grocery Savings – $406.67!

My Non Grocery Spendings (actual amount of cash spent) – $180.33 ($105 of that was from Kohls!)

My Non Grocery Savings – $1091.11!!!

Total Spent all together last month – $363.55
Total Saved all together last month $1487.79

Wow! I feel pretty good about last month! I also have $14 in +up rewards to use at Rite Aid, $20 to use at Dollar General, and a couple rebates to send out for.

So how did you do last month?? I say any savings is better than no savings!!

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