My Momma Taught Me’s School Supplies Price Point List

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School will be here before we know it! It’s never to early to start shopping for school supplies! Sometimes shopping at multiples stores you will find you save the most money. I like when staples offers their penny items (with minimum purchase usually) because you can get lots of items for a penny!

Here is a list of price points on various school items. There are the lowest price I have seen these items go. You can print it out and keep with you, and add to or change if you needed to. If you have more to add, or different prices let me know! Also, let me know where your favorite stores are to shop for school supplies too!

These price points are some of the lowest I’ve seen these items go and are the prices I suggest buying these items at when you see that sale price, and even stocking up on them.


My Momma Taught Me’s School Supplies Price Point List

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