My Mornings are So Tough

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Many mornings I just can’t. 

I can’t stay positive.
I can’t figure out why.
I can’t remember things. 

I just can’t stand my kids. 

Okay, I said it…I love my kids to death but there are some days I can’t stand them. I’m sorry if you think less of me but I’m being completely honest. Kids are so much work and I tell ya some how you always feel like you are the only one going through what you are going through with your kids. Why is that? I often feel like many moms don’t share all the really trying times they have with their kids with other moms. Maybe everyone fears what others may think if they really shared what went on or how they felt?

Let me tell you how this morning went for me. 

My husband wakes our kids up like he does each morning. My oldest that’s 8 perks right up ready to go. I mean why not, she gets to be homeschooled and stays home with mom now. My youngest is 5 and is not a morning person at all. She refuses to move or show any signs of life. So eventually hubby has to leave for work and I’m left to wake the monster from it’s sleep. Some days that’s not pretty – I ain’t gonna lie. This morning I decided to pick her up and bring her to the couch. Boy did that make her upset. Apparently that made her pretty cold (well maybe you should keep your pajamas on). From this point I am forced to constantly be saying how she needs to get up, let’s get moving, you need to get dressed and so on. Only for her to not move at all. So I’m forced to go get her clothes and bring them to her. Then she of course needs to complain about the long sleeve shirt. Those bother her. Of course. So she still just sits there refusing to get dressed. I then need to force the clothes on her meanwhile she begins to cry (what’s new) and doesn’t want to wear this and that it bothers her and so on. I had to go grab a dang tshirt because she refused to put on the long sleeve shirt. I put socks on her and they immediately come off she hates socks of course. It’s 40 degrees out you must wear socks! Ugh some battles you have to choose. 

Then off we go to the bathroom where I notice her pants have a hole in them. Off to get another pair. This whole time mind you I’m trying to get things done because we are loosing time. School starts and we must get there. No pressure mom….


I get the new pants and have to put them on her while she’s on the toilet. I mean why in the world are you still sitting there it’s been like 5 minutes?! I then have to put her boots on with no socks because as I mentioned that’s a battle I was willing to pass on. I leave to grab her breakfast and come back she is still in the bathroom. WHYYYYY??? I start to get annoyed and a bit more huffy. She knows we have to get going why is she taking so long to do such simple things? Aughhh frustration starting to set in. Finally I have to get the loud mom voice and push push push to get her going and out the door. Then she continues crying and all upset. Ya know it only makes it worse and makes you feel like the bad guy, but really how do you get your child to go to school when many things don’t work. Not to mention she gets to see that her sister stays home. 

This whole time I look at my oldest and only get mad. She did this stuff for 3 years and it was pure torture for me. Forcing your child to go to school when they don’t want to. And not the whole just plain don’t want to I’m talking about full on tantrum and physical break downs of not being able to go. I tell ya it is hard stuff if you never had to go through it. 

I get my youngest to school with one minute to spare. She stands at the door not wanting to go and the lady that’s there needs to come get her to take her in. Feels all too familiar to me. This takes such a toll on one. I constantly fill my husband in what is going on and all he ever has to say is he is sorry or something simple of such. I mean what do you say to someone that feels like they are loosing their mind each day fighting with their kids over what seems to be such simple things? 

We get home and I see so much house work that needs to get done. Plates and wrappers left out because no matter how many times you have said so your kids will forget to take care of some of their stuff. More dishes to do because you swear they multiply over night. Laundry that needs to get done specially so you can entice your kid the next day with the new pants you bought them that they really like. 

I tell my oldest she needs to get a book to read. Of course why would that be an easy thing? Straight complaining and refusing to do such. Are you kidding me? You can’t read a darn book while I sit and have my coffee and do some work before we start homeschool?? UGHHH. Where is my coffee cup? There is ten billion coffee cups laying out because I’m a slacker and haven’t done all the dishes yet. I just want my coffee and it’s the last clean cup. WHERE IS IT?? 


Here I am. Sipping coffee and hoping on the computer to do some work and it hits me to share my morning with you all. Really not to scare you, lol. But to share that even when you feel like you are alone and life can be so hard – kids can be so hard – that you are not alone. Someone may be going through the same thing as you or even just having a tough time too. That’s okay! I promise you that you will get through it. I always believe you are only given what you can handle in life. I hope your day is better then my mornings usually are (yes this is almost a daily occurrence I endure, and did for the past 3 years).

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