Siena Nylon/Boar Paddle Brush

My New Favorite Hair Brush Giving My Hair More Volume!

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L'ange Siena Nylon/Boar Paddle Brush

I wanted to share with you all a product that I tried and absolutely fell in love with. Every since I had kids it seems my hair became thinner and less full. I hate how my hair looks through out the day because even if I use hair spray trying to keep some volume in it, it just goes flat. I don’t like the hair sitting flat to my head. I like it to have a little lift in it making it look full and healthy I suppose. I’ve struggle for years you guys and tried various volume boosters.

Siena Nylon/Boar Paddle Brush

I recently started trying out L’ange products and decided to give one of their brushes a try since they were on sale (they are still on sale). I purchased the Siena Nylon/Boar Paddle Brush recently. They say that the 100% boar bristles leave hair looking shinier, healthier, and more manageable by evenly distributing the scalps natural oils. And let me tell you it’s true! Since I started using this brush I have noticed a BIG difference in how my hair looks and how it feels. I blow dry my hair after showering using this brush and typically only wash every 2-3 days. I found that this brush has made my hair feel and look like it has more volume.

my new favorite brush

Not only that, I also find it super easy to brush my hair with this Siena brush! I hate brushing my hair and had been using a round bristle bush before this because my hair, even being thin, tends to know pretty easily and hurt when being brushed due to snags. The same goes for my oldest daughters hair. She has super think and long hair that is a hot mess to brush. She hates brushing her hair and it always knots up. Not to mention she is super sensitive to the way it feels when brushing. Well I will tell you she gives it a big thumbs up. She loves this brush and I intend on buying her one of her own. Since I bought this brush I haven’t had to hound her to brush her hair and she just goes and brushes it. What a surprise.

You can order one of these Siena Paddle Brushes here. Chosoe shop and brushes to look through and find this one or choose a different one.

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