Frugal Way to Update your old doors

Frugal Front Door Makeover Everyone Can Do

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painting your front door

Honestly, I didn’t want to share pictures of the front of my house because well….look at the mess on the front porch! Ahh…. truth is we are in the middle of so many home renovation projects this year an it’s been pretty hard to keep things organized and where they need to go. But I wanted to share some of my frugal tips as I go. I’m no pro by any means, and I don’t have a ton of money to be able to sink into home renovations. We are doing everything ourselves. I did have my eye on this beautiful green door with a fancy top window at Lowe’s. You know how much front doors cost?! Let me tell you even when they offer a 15% sale it is still a lot of money. I just couldn’t justify right now spending that sort of money on our home.

Frugal Way to Update your old doors

Yet our door was so beat up and out dated. Washing it didn’t help and it had a lot of dents in it. So it clicked one day to grab a can (we used two) of spray paint to freshen up the front door. I wanted to do green to match the roof, but then I felt it may not match with the shutters being black. I felt white was going to get too dirty again. So here we are with a black front door. For me it’s my color so I’m loving it. Not sure what others may think, and that’s okay.

We choose Rust-Oleum Hammered Spray Paint. You can find it at most hardware stores or Walmart. I think we paid about $12 for two cans. Talk about a frugal fix…am I right?!

fresh painted front door

It’s most ideal to take the door completely off the hinges and paint it that way to avoid any messes. But if that is not an option you can totally tape off the edges using painters tape (Dollar Tree sells some rolls) and newspaper to cover anywhere you don’t want painted. It’s probably a good idea too to tape off the hardware, but my plan is to replace the door locks soon too. They are so outdated and I hate the color. Another way I kept spray paint off the edges was using a large cardboard piece to keep the sides clean.

frugal fresh painted front door

Here is a closer view of how the door looked after two coats of spray paint. Like my door hanger? I made it myself…. check out Kristy’s Handmade Creations! I think the door came out pretty good considering how beat up it really was. For $12 how can you go wrong?!

frugal painted front door

Here is what it looks like in full view. My goal is to save money to buy a new screen door. Can you believe those are pretty pricey as well?! I want one of those full glass ones to really show case the door more and give it a cleaner updated look. For now I am happy with the frugal improvement.

Frugal Front Door Makeover Everyone Can Do Simple And Cheap!

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