My Youngest Graduated from Preschool!

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Yesterday my youngest graduated from preschool. What a fun day we had. We had to get up (super early for us 😉 lol) and get Emma to the school to get ready for the graduation. We dropped her off and heading to Tops to grab some flowers to give her after the ceremony.

We got there and found where we wanted to sit (and stand) to watch as the kids came out. Of course, our camera’s memory card was missing so my husband was in a hurry to delete some old pictures off the small camera’s memory so he could take more pictures. Meanwhile I am video recording the beginning so I can share with my mother since she was unfortunately sick and couldn’t make it. Then I get the message at the end of recording that I am out of space! Don’t you hate when that happens?! So I frantically go through my phone deleting old texts and videos hoping it frees up room for more pictures and videos. Sometimes I feel such panic and chaos when I’m out and about doing things.

emma be a vet

Listening to other preschoolers (ahh now many off to Kindergarten!) state such cute things they want to be when they get older like a race car driver, batman, pink power ranger…Then it’s time for my kiddo to get up and share what she wants to be when she grows up. She says she wants to be a vet. I know she gets that from her big sister who recently changed her wanting to be a teacher when she grows up to being a vet. She has a new found love for animals, especially horses.

I can’t believe how fast my kids grow. I’m sure you all think that too. Many days I will look at my children and just stare at their faces and how much they have changed. How much they have grown. I look at them now and they don’t have that little baby face look they used to. Both my girls now look like children – you know – not little toddlers anymore. I have an eight year old and a five year old and I know they will not slow down growing. Such is life I suppose. I never take for granted my time here with them and I’m so going to miss seeing my little five year old (she’s my baby) home for majority of the day. Sending her off to Kindergarten from 9 to 3 is going to be hard for me. I suppose on the up side, I will still have one other kiddo home (I’m homeschooling her if you didn’t hear about that one yet). She is so ready for Kindergarten though and is super excited and would go tomorrow if she could!

It’s officially time for summer vacation for our family! Time for late nights out side, camp fires, camping, nature walks, time with family and so much more. I hope you all have a wonderful family filled summer as well!

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