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Here is the Price Chopper Coupon Policy taken directly from their website as of 1-20-2015. Coupon policies can change. I suggest you get familiar with them when using coupons regularly. I even suggest printing the policies out and keeping a copy with you while you shop! I have added some  notes for you in red to help you understand some parts.

All Coupons

•Coupons must be presented at the beginning of the order and the AdvantEdge Card must be scanned or entered prior to coupon deductions.

•Coupons are limited to four (4) like coupons or like items per household per day.
That means you can only have 4 of the same item in your order period.

•We only accept coupons for items that we sell, and items purchased must be identical to the items shown on the coupon (size, brand, quantity, etc).
•We do not accept any coupons beyond their expiration date.

•We are required to comply with all manufacturers’ coupon requirements. For example, a manufacturer may prohibit the doubling of coupons.
So if a manufacturers coupon says “do not double” on it, then Price Chopper will not double that specific coupons value.

•We do not accept any coupons presented on a smart phone or other digital device, regardless of source.

Double Coupons:

•Price Chopper voluntarily doubles, at its own expense, paper manufacturer coupons with a face value of up to and including 99 cents, except when prohibited by the manufacturer.
Coupons with a face value of $1.00 or more will be redeemed at face value.
All Coupons Double in value that are $0.99 or less!! So those $0.75/1 coupons are worth $1.50 off!!

•We do not double coupons for cigarettes, tobacco, milk and alcoholic beverages in states that permit the usage of coupons for these items*.

•Total double* value of a coupon may not exceed the item’s retail price after AdvantEdge discounts.
You cannot get overage or overage applied to your order.
•We do not double competitor coupons.

Manufacturer Coupons:

•We accept only one manufacturer’s coupon, digital or paper, per item purchased, not to exceed the retail price after AdvantEdge savings. Price Chopper accepts one manufacturer and one Price Chopper store coupon for the same item (unless prohibited elsewhere in our policy, on our coupons, or by the manufacturer).
So you can stack coupons! You can use one manufacturer s coupon + one store coupon on an item when available.

•We will accept only one (1) manufacturer coupon for an advertised Buy one, Get one free offer, not to exceed the AdvantEdge price.
1. We will double* one manufacturer’s coupon for an advertised Buy one, Get one free offer, not to exceed the retail price after AdvantEdge savings.
2. We will not accept a manufacturer’s coupon for the product that is received free as part of a Buy one, Get one free offer.
3. For a coupon that has a purchase requirement of two (2), we will accept one manufacturer’s coupon. In that case the manufacturer’s coupon will be applied to the free item in a Buy one, Get one free offer.
What all this means is that you cannot use 2 coupons on a BOGO sale. Ex: You CAN use 1 $1/1 on BOGO Sale or $1/2 on B2GO Sale. You CAN NOT use 2 $1/1 coupons on a BOGO sale.

•Manufacturers’ paper coupons for free items, mail-in certificates, and unspecified items will be redeemed at face value or free value only.

•We accept valid Manufacturers’ internet coupons (which must be printed out prior to purchase) with a face value of up to $5. This may include free offers and Buy one, Get one free offers. Price Chopper may offer Internet coupons through, email, and Facebook that may exceed this $5 limit.
You can use printables with the word Free on them!

Competitor Coupons:

•We accept one (1) paper competitor “dollars off your order” or “cents off per gallon of gas” coupon from other supermarkets and mass retailers (Wal-Mart & Target) in our trade area; the value of which may not exceed 50% of the order. This coupon may not be combined with any other “dollars off an order” or “cents off per gallon” coupon, including Price Chopper “ dollars off” and “cents off per gallon” coupons.

Examples of this type of coupon are $5 off a $50 purchase coupon or save 20¢ off per gallon of gas with a $50 purchase. The dollar amount of the purchase requirement, if any, will be determined after AdvantEdge savings and all other coupons have been deducted. Purchase requirement does not include alcohol, tobacco, gift cards, stamps or lottery tickets.

•We accept paper competitor coupons for specific items from supermarkets and mass retailers (Target & Wal-Mart) subject to the conditions expressed on the coupon and provided we carry the item in our store. A paper competitor coupon for their store brand will be accepted for a comparable Price Chopper brand product of the same size & weight. The dollar amount of the purchase requirement, if any, will be determined after AdvantEdge savings and all other coupons have been deducted.
You can use competitor store coupons at Price Chopper – which is neat!

•Catalina “manufacturer” coupons issued at checkout by a competing supermarket are considered competitor coupons and subject to the same policies in this section.
Nice! Those catalinas you get at Tops, for example, you can use at Price Chopper!

•We do not accept a competitor coupon and a Price Chopper coupon on the same item.
•We do not accept double or triple coupon offers from competitors.
•We do not double competitor coupons.
We do not accept competitor coupons earned on a loyalty rewards program, competitor digital coupons or coupons from any warehouse club, dollar, limited food assortment or drug store. Examples of these types of stores are CVS, Walgreen’s, Rite Aid, BJ’s, Aldi, Save a Lot, Family Dollar, and Dollar General.

Digital coupons:

•We are proud to offer our customers AdvantEdge e-coupons which can be loaded to your AdvantEdge card through our website or our mobile apps. We do not accept digital coupons from any other source.

•Digital coupons will be applied prior to deducting any paper coupons. A manufacturer digital coupon and a manufacturer paper coupon cannot be used on the same item.
You can only use ONE manufacturers coupon

•Price Chopper accepts one manufacturer, digital or paper and one Price Chopper store coupon, digital or paper, for the same item (unless prohibited).

•Digital coupons will be redeemed at face value only and are not subject to doubling.*

Link to Price Chopper Deals (I hope to add more this year)


  1. Elaine

    Has anyone been told that Price Chopper will not accept printable coupons if they do not scan at the checkout ? ( coupons printed from like, my local store says the bar codes are too “thick”, yet I went 11 miles to another Price Chopper store & the coupons that I had tried to use at my local store – were no problem at all at this other store – they ALL scanned right through ! At my local store one of the front end employees said if they do not scan Price Chopper will not get paid/credit for the coupons ? Just curious if this is just an isolated problem or if anyone else has had been having any similiar issues ? (by the way my home printer is a brand HP ink jet @ 2 months old). Thanks


    1. Kristy

      You can always call their corporate number and inquire there. As far as I know they should be all abiding by the same rules they have. Most stores though, do reserve right to refuse coupons typically says in their policy.


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